'David Bowie Is' Music Video Night with Mick Rock @ Brooklyn Museum from Music Video Media on Vimeo.

A master of capturing the aura of an artist, Mick Rock was a photography legend who chronicled the golden age of rock& roll. In this short film, he recounts his iconic work for Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and others - leading up to a presentation at the Brooklyn Museum, where he goes in-depth about his classic music videos for David Bowie.

Host | Gregg Kaysen

Production Company | Bastard Productions & theburbslife

Director | Dave Horowitz

DP | Gates Bradley

Secondary Camera | Damien Paris

Sound | Sacha Zuckerman

Editorial | D. Horowitz, Kendra Elliott, Drew Morris

Color | Ntropic

Live Event Still Photography | Kendra Elliott

Music used courtesy of Sony Records, BMG and the RZO Companies.