World Premiere April 29th-May 9th 2021 @ Hot Docs

US Premiere June 22-27 2021 @ AFI Docs

"David Henry Gerson’s film successfully keeps the big picture and the smaller canvas in conscientious balance, disrupting overwhelming tragedy with more hopeful flashes of invention and inspiration."

- Guy Lodge, Variety

"A film mixed from poetry, music, colors and dreams has created a new vision of the Syrian tragedy... Makes you believe that nothing will go in vain.”

- Talal Derki, Academy-Award Nominated director of OF FATHERS AND SONS

A Syrian rapper, tortured by Bashar Al-Assad for his lyrics, uses his music to survive one of the deadliest wars of our century. Together with other creative personalities of the Syrian uprising, a Post-Rock musician, a breakdancer, and visual artists, they tell us their story of revolution and exile in a new documentary reflecting on a global battle for peace, justice and our freedom of expression.

Directed by David Henry Gerson

Produced by Odessa Rae

Co-Produced by Abdalaziz Alhamza

Associate Produced by Martin Marquet

Executive Produce by Katherine Embiricos LeFrak

Animations by Kendra Elliott