The film will be coming out theatrically beginning June 10th in Los Angeles (Laemmle Cinemas), June 17th in New York (Cinema Village) and on VOD Worldwide following World Refugee Day (June 20th)

World Premiere April 29th-May 9th 2021 @ Hot Docs

US Premiere June 22-27 2021 @ AFI Docs

"David Henry Gerson’s film successfully keeps the big picture and the smaller canvas in conscientious balance, disrupting overwhelming tragedy with more hopeful flashes of invention and inspiration."

- Guy Lodge, Variety

"A film mixed from poetry, music, colors and dreams has created a new vision of the Syrian tragedy... Makes you believe that nothing will go in vain.”

- Talal Derki, Academy-Award Nominated director of OF FATHERS AND SONS

A Syrian rapper, tortured by Bashar Al-Assad for his lyrics, uses his music to survive one of the deadliest wars of our century. Together with other creative personalities of the Syrian uprising, a Post-Rock musician, a breakdancer, and visual artists, they tell us their story of revolution and exile in a new documentary reflecting on a global battle for peace, justice and our freedom of expression.

Directed by David Henry Gerson

Produced by Odessa Rae

Co-Produced by Abdalaziz Alhamza

Associate Produced by Martin Marquet

Executive Produce by Katherine Embiricos LeFrak

Animations by Kendra Elliott